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Welcome to the Department of Information and Communication Technology web site of the Faculty of Technological Studies, University of Vavuniya. Our website provides information on research, academic, teaching and administrative structures and activities of our department, thus highlighting the contributions.
Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) operates BICTHons degree program to the portfolio of Faculty of Technological Studies (FTS), University of Vavuniya from 2020. Catering to the divergent demands of the modern communication, BICT is fully geared to produce academically and technologically sound, self-confident, flexible, highly employable, internationally recognized, and high-quality graduates who are readily employable soon after the graduation.
The syllabus of BICTHons will strike a balance between professional knowledge and personal skills and the department employs modern teaching aids and methodologies helping the students to keep abreast of the latest trends worldwide with updated infrastructure in tune with emerging technologies and future requirements.

We welcome industrial partners for long-term research collaborations in software design and development, cyber security, artificial intelligence, embedded system technologies and networking technologies in the hope of solving their industrial problems in a consistent way, which is key for them to maintain sustainability and competitiveness in the long-term.

The Department of ICT, all trying to perform their duties in the best possible way having appetite and enthusiasm for their work and invites you to be a part of our journey towards being a world-class center of excellence in ICT education, training, and research.

With kind regards,
V.Vinoharan B.Sc. (Hons), M.Phil
Acting Head/Department of ICT


Create a world-class Technical Education system; incorporates continuous improvement, student-centred engagement, applied research and technological innovation.


“To offer programmes that promote strong partnerships with industries in learning, disseminating knowledge and meeting international standards in research and teaching at the highest level of excellence”.

Undergraduate Study

Our undergraduate study provides industry based learning along with applied research and technological innovation.

Our History

The Department of Information and Communication Technology was established along with the establishment of the Faculty of Technological Studies in the January, 2020. In line with the mission of the Faculty, the Department attempts for excellence in the field of Information Communication Technology through innovation and dissemination of knowledge and capacity building for socio-economic development of the nation.

The department contributes to the Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology Honours (BICTHons) degree Programme offered by the Faculty of Technological Studies. The ICT Department aims to cater to this demand by producing multidisciplinary ICT professionals. The prospective undergraduates are selected through the newly introduced Technology stream to the G.C.E. Advanced Level examination. In the degree programme students are exposed to multidisciplinary curricula including mini projects, internship/industrial training, and a final year research project to improve variety of ICT skills and other required skills to make them well-rounded ICT professionals. The curriculum of the degree BICT degree program has been developed in line with the UGC instruction. This degree program is designed based on the “Degree Specialization and Course Module” Guidelines of CSSL with the vision of fulfilling the gap between the industrial requirements and the competencies of graduates with more focus on applications of modern technologies in Information and Communication Technology.

The department strives to produce well-rounded graduates with a greater competing potential in the IT industry as engineers, managers, administrators, entrepreneurs and technical level workers. The prospective graduates could cope with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) that rely on smart technology. The department possess qualified academics in conjunction with well-equipped laboratory facilities to cater the undergraduates with the theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the emerging sophisticated technologies.


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